We are always looking for top-notch talent for a variety of roles. In particular, we are looking to hire on a full-time or part-time basis:

  • Consultants and business analysts. Ideal candidates should have one or more years of experience at a top firm (e.g., McKinsey&Company, The Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Company)
  • Private equity and investment banking professionals. Ideal candidates should have two or more years of experience at a top firm
  • Senior executives from medium and large corporations

We are also actively looking for subject-matter experts, creative professionals, and other business talent to join our extended network.

Some of the particular skills, characteristics, and experience sets we are looking for include:

  • Superb problem-solving and analytical skills
  • General business savvy
  • Eagerness to learn as much as possible
  • Drive, passion, high energy, and a positive attitude
  • Creativity and ability to innovate and think outside the box
  • Proven managerial skills leading a team or an entire organization with documented success
  • Transaction experience

Why work for Equitium?
Young InvestorsWorking at Equitium allows you to build strong general consulting skills. As at the premier global firms, you will consult with senior management of companies on exciting business challenges across a number of industries. Given our smaller size, you will have the opportunity to take on more responsibility sooner. In addition, working at Equitium allows you to develop a private equity industry skill set from raising capital to closing transactions.

Our philosophy at Equitium is to be the best in what we do while ensuring that the people working with us are happy, healthy, and successful. While the excessive hours typical in the consulting, investment banking, and private equity industries work against this aspiration, we at Equitium have so far achieved the balanced lifestyle that makes it possible.

We also believe that the best people deserve highly competitive compensation packages. As part of such packages, we offer market competitive benefits.

If you are entrepreneurial and ambitious and you feel there might a fit with Equitium, please contact us. Our e-mail address for career inquiries is info@equitium.com.